Published by Lorenzo Moscia, Rome, Italy, on 08-04-2010 at 08:41 hrs
A unique experience, a leap to the past; the best way to enjoy nature in its purest state. During the 7 days of horseback riding I didn’t stopped of being marveled by the diversity of landscapes and the amazing beauty of a world completely unknown for me.

Published by Mark Derria, Nantes, France, on 14-05-2010 at 18:33 hrs
The mountain range seems endless, the routes are marvelous, the guides and instructors are very nice and friendly. At the end of the third day we’re all like a family. The sports are ok even though I’m not too fond of them. The resting places are the best and nature is touching; but there is nothing like having a whisky or a cognac at the foot of the mountain, near the fire, under a million stars in the sky. It’s a moment to find oneself.

Published by Ricardo Valenti, Bs. As, Argentina, on 18-04-2011 at 11:39 hrs
I made this trip 15 days ago without any horseback riding experience. I really fell in love with this life style and of the majestic Andes mountains. After an exhausting year between the office and the city traffic jams, I found more than a rest and relaxing place because I also gained unknown experiences and that I never imagined I could live out of my normal life rhythm and city life. Congratulations to the guys of CordillerAventura.

Published by Francisco Parva, Sevilla, Spain, on 26-03-2011 at 14:46 hrs
I arrived to South America not very convinced of why I had taken such a long flight to ride a horse, having similar trips in my own country. My doubts disappeared after 4 hours of admiring your outstanding and endless mountain range. It’s a priceless experience and hard to describe in a small text. It seems like your getting at the mountain top, but, man!, it’s seems like you never get there!!! Fishing with the guys has been great and I my hand never lacked of a glass. My congratulations for your trip route. Undoubtedly I’ll come back in a few years.