Our services
In CordillerAventura we consider the tourist a trip partner and we care about his comfort since the first minute.

When you hire CordillerAventura’s services you’re not only choosing an adventure tour, but also experience, professionalism, responsibility, kindness and passion for the Range Mountains and horses. For this reason we offer you a special “all inclusive” mountain tour service, which means that you’ll enjoy this magical connection with nature from the very moment you arrive this location. We take care of the rest.


Our service starts picking up the passengers at the Concepcion Airport if you come by air or in Chillan city if you come by land.

Once the horse riding tour has ended, the tourists are transferred to these respective locations for their return.

In order to maximize our tourists comfort, our camp shelters are specially equipped and adapted for the mountain.

For each tourist we have individual tents with a camp bed and sleeping bag each. All the equipment is very comfortable and specially intended for mountain use.

The tourists will be delighted by our varied, healthy and exquisite menus with ingredients harvested in our own organic gardens:

We have different types of fruits and vegetables, and also special menus for vegetarian people who don’t eat meat.

All type of meat: beef, goat and lamb meat. In poultry: chicken, duck, goose, etc.

Breakfasts are highly nutritious, and consist of cereals, honey, homemade bread, ham, cheese, natural juice, etc.

On liquids we have natural fruit juice during the day. Dinners are served with the best Chilean wines. We also include other liquors as champagne, whisky, beer, etc.

Lunches are served during ride breaks where we stop in specially selected places to enjoy of the beautiful scenery eating delicious sandwiches, fruits and juice.

Every camp shelter has a cook-tent where our professional chef prepares the best delights for our tourists.

Dining room:
Breakfasts and dinners are served in our dining-tent for our tourist to comfortably enjoy of our gastronomy.

• Basic services: Separate for men and women
Washing sink
Solar showers

Equipment and guides:

In CordillerAventura we provide the tourist the complete and necessary equipment to complete the horseback riding tracks in the Andes mountains.

Our saddles were specially made by craftsmen, and include comfort details so your body well-being is not a concern when horseback riding. The saddle allows the rider to keep his body tight to the horse while going up or down steep ravines.

Our guides have wide experience in mountain tourism and horseback riding, and they are highly qualified to show you the best spots of our Andes Range Mountains. In order to have a proper communication with them we also offer bilingual guide service at your disposal.

Other included services:

-Travel assistance insurance.
-Satellite communication.
-Air rescue.
-First aids equipment.
-One professional massage, the tourist can choose in which camp to receive it.
-Special horseback riding clothing:
        -Bandana for sun and dust protection.
        -Jean jacket.
        -Goat skin chaps.