We are a group of people that after making and having different projects and personal experiences we’ve been related to the world of tourism for many years.

After several previous activities we have gathered the required knowledge to be part of the world of eco-tourism, and especially of adventure tourism. In 2001 we decided to join our experiences to start with this project. This is how CordillerAventura was initiated.

We looked for the ideal location to make the contact with nature a unique experience, and we found in the southern area of the Andes range the spot we were searching for.

After several trips, trail analyses, road crossing and trials, we have gathered the required experience to offer this innovative destination for adventure tourism enthusiasts. Since the summer of 2010 CordillerAventura receives tourists from all over the world.

We, the members of CordillerAventura, trust that we’ll offer you the best horseback riding adventure experience in the incomparable Andes Mountain Range.