Where are CordillerAventura routes located?
How to get there?
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General map of the location
Map with the location closer view
The Republic of Chile is located in the west side of South America. Its continental territory extends from 17º 30' until 56º 30' south latitude. It has a surface of 472 thousand square kilometers.
The frozen Antarctic regions consist of one million and 250 thousand square kilometers. 14 thousand square kilometers are divided in different islands, including the 180 km of the Easter Island. The country borders Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The Pacific Ocean naturally limits its west side.

It’s politically divided into 15 regions which are also divided into 51 provinces. The country is inhabited by 17 million people. Its capital is Santiago de Chile and its population is the 35% of the total Chilean population.
Our routes are located in the Andes Mountain Range, in a wide area located between 36º42’ to 37º15’ latitude and 71º14’ to 71º18’ longitude.

The area is well known for its touristic complex and ski resort, called Termas de Chillan, and also for its majestic volcanoes.

The nearest city is Chillan, located about 90 kilometers west from the horseback riding routes. Chillan is part of the Ñuble province, Bio Bio Region. This province has a total surface of 13.178,5 km² and a population of 445.000 inhabitants. Its capital it’s Chillan city which is located at about 400 km from Santiago de Chile.

CordillerAventura’s service starts by picking us the tourists from Concepcion city, if they come by air and from Chillan city if they come by land.